Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI)

Aerospace, Defense & Security

The aerospace and defense industries have been paramount to the success of Phillips Service Industries (PSI). Our technology is used on Mars, on the battlefield, to improve homeland security, as well as to deliver vital communications for the U.S. military in remote areas of Iraq and Afghanistan. From our award-winning actuation products and rugged electronic solutions, to our world-renowned welding systems and affordable, easy-to-use wireless network solutions, all products from PSI companies are tough, tested and reliable.

Over the past decade, we introduced the first commercially-available, large-scale, fully-programmable means of producing near-net shape parts with our Direct Manufacturing solution (Sciaky, Inc.). We also introduced the first electromechanical landing gear actuator in the marketplace (Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc.) and helped pioneer the concept of rugged Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products (Mountain Secure Systems). Plus, our wireless network solutions are deployed in the largest dedicated video surveillance in the United States (MSS). 

Get more details on how PSI companies serve the aerospace, defense and security industries below:

BEAVER AEROSPACE & DEFENSE, INC. – LIVONIA, MI | Established in 1952, Beaver Aerospace & Defense has been a leading provider of actuation products and services for the aerospace and defense industries. We design, test and manufacture our actuators, ball screws, ball splines and gears to operate in harsh environments. Beaver also provides expert repair, overhaul and testing services for all electromechanical actuators and ball screws. In addition, Beaver is a trusted FAA-certified repair station and FAA-Approved Parts and Components supplier. And, to top it off, Beaver is the industry leader in on-time delivery, with current performance exceeding 99.8%. PSI acquired Beaver in 1997.
  MOUNTAIN SECURE SYSTEMS – LONGMONT, CO | Since 1985, Mountain Secure Systems (MSS), formerly Mountain Optech, Inc., has been providing the most reliable ruggedized data storage systems in the world for fragile, box-level electronics – such as hard drives, optical drives, solid state drives and DVD/Blu-Ray players (for in-flight entertainment systems). From submarine-based data-collection systems to mission-critical data logging on the space shuttle, we engineer our rugged storage systems for superior performance and durability that will outlast the harshest environments. In 2009, MSS added wireless network solutions to its product offerings for video, voice and data applications. Wireless solutions cover point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and/or wireless mesh networks. MSS’s wireless routers are currently deployed in the largest dedicated wireless video surveillance network in the United States. PSI acquired MSS in 1996.
  SCIAKY, INC. – CHICAGO, IL | Established in 1939, Sciaky is a world-renowned supplier of electron beam, advanced arc and resistance welding systems. We provide innovative welding solutions and a wide range of contract welding services to the aerospace, defense and other manufacturing industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment meets rigid military specifications to manufacture items such as airframes, landing gear, jet engines, guided missiles and vehicle parts. Sciaky’s exclusive Direct Manufacturing (DM) process allows manufacturers to save money and boost productivity over traditional prototyping processes.
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