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PSI is a big proponent of green, environmentally-sound alternative energy sources. We launched POWERTHRU, an advanced flywheel energy storage company, to help customers eliminate the need for hazardous lead-acid batteries in their uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Plus, POWERTHRU’s flywheel energy storage systems are more reliable than lead-acid batteries and require very minimal maintenance.

In addition, PSI Repair Services offers affordable repairs for out-of-warranty electronic and mechanical wind turbine components from all the major manufacturers.

Check out PSI’s energy solutions below:

  POWERTHRU – LIVONIA, MI | Established in 2010, POWERTHRU designs and manufactures advanced flywheel energy storage systems that provide ride-through power and voltage stabilization for power quality and recycling applications. The energy-efficient POWERTHRU flywheel is a cost-effective, near-zero maintenance, environmentally-sound solution that can supplement, or completely eliminate the need for, flooded/wet cell and valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries in UPS systems.
  PSI REPAIR SERVICES, INC. – LIVONIA, MI | Established in 1967, PSI Repair Services has been a leader in industrial and process component repair. We offer free evaluations, the most advanced diagnostics in the industry, detailed failure analysis reports, emergency services and a one-year warranty on all repairs. We provide unique, cost-effective repairs on wind turbine components like GE hub converters and IGBTs, as well as pitch controls from Lenord + Bauer.
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