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When it comes to cost-saving services, PSI companies go the extra mile. We offer the most thorough repair services in the world for electronic, hydraulic and precision mechanical components, including the option to remanufacture obsolete components. Our facilities house the most advanced equipment in the market for detecting hard part failures, as well as parts that have degraded due to stress. Our Custom Test Program identifies component failures down to the microchip level. It even detects which components are likely to fail in the near future, saving time and money for our customers. PSI also uses the latest technology to diagnose, evaluate, repair, calibrate and test some of the most intricate semiconductor manufacturing equipment on the market.

Repair and overhaul services for actuation systems and ball screw assemblies is a notable strength for PSI companies. We are a certified FAA Part 145 Repair Station and a trusted FAA-Approved Parts and Components supplier. We’re also industry leaders in on-time delivery, with current performance exceeding 99.8%.

Over the past decade, we've been decorated by the United States Congress for our services to various branches of the military, as well as named "The most innovative service supplier in North America” by Automotive News Magazine.

Learn more about the services PSI companies provide below:

BEAVER AEROSPACE & DEFENSE, INC. – LIVONIA, MI | Established in 1952, Beaver Aerospace & Defense has been a leading provider of actuation products and services for the aerospace and defense industries. We design, test and manufacture our actuators, ball screws, ball splines and gears to operate in harsh environments. Beaver also provides expert repair, overhaul and testing services for all electromechanical actuators and ball screws. In addition, Beaver is a trusted FAA-certified repair station and FAA-Approved Parts and Components supplier. And, to top it off, Beaver is the industry leader in on-time delivery, with current performance exceeding 99.8%. PSI acquired Beaver in 1997.
  PSI REPAIR SERVICES, INC. – LIVONIA, MI | Established in 1967, PSI Repair Services has been a leader in industrial and process component repair. Today, we are the largest independent component repair company in the world for electronics, hydraulics and precision mechanical assemblies. We offer free evaluations, the most advanced diagnostics in the industry, detailed failure analysis reports, emergency services and a one-year warranty on all repairs. PSI also provides the option to remanufacture obsolete components so companies can get their critical systems back up and running again at peak performance as quickly as possible.
  PSI SEMICON SERVICES – PLANO, TX | Established in 1967, PSI Semicon Services is the largest independent repair and refurbishment company in the world for advanced Semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our highly-qualified engineering staff uses the latest technology to diagnose, evaluate, repair, calibrate and test some of the most intricate and complex Semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the market today. In addition, our Integrated Logistics Supply (ILS) Service is an award-winning, turnkey, fully-integrated service installed in more than 130 sites.
  Repairable Asset Control- LIVONIA, MI | PSI’s Repairable Asset Control (RAC®) provides on-site management of MRO parts and manufacture of obsolete/legacy components. With the RAC® service you will know the location of every spare in your plant. You will know how many of each item you have and whether they work. You will also know the complete history of every component; what it cost new, whether it has been repaired, and by which vendor, whether it is under warranty and for how long. Simply put: RAC® eliminates the guesswork associated with your repairable spares and puts you in control.
  SCIAKY, INC. – CHICAGO, IL | Established in 1939, Sciaky is a world-renowned supplier of electron beam, advanced arc and resistance welding systems. We provide innovative welding solutions and a wide range of contract welding services to the aerospace, defense and other manufacturing industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment meets rigid military specifications to manufacture items such as airframes, landing gear, jet engines, guided missiles and vehicle parts. Sciaky’s exclusive Direct Manufacturing (DM) process allows manufacturers to save money and boost productivity over traditional prototyping processes.
  Talon Technical- LONGMONT, CO | Talon Technical provides precision machining services for metal and plastics components for virtually any industry. Our services include solid and tubing coil bending to exacting specifications, heat sinks and cold plates. We provide R&D and prototype development, as well as engineering assistance to complete your important projects.
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